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Variations: This exercise can also be performed using a straight bar attached to a low pulley and it can also be performed using dumbbells, though this later exercise should be reserved by people that are well familiarized with correct execution. If the correct technique is followed, the following muscle groups work: Shoulders, and auxiliary muscles: Traps.

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The number of repetitions and working weight depends on your goal and other parameters. But the general recommendations can be presented in the form of a table:. In order to make the training more diverse and effective you have to change the number of repetitions and the working weight. It is important not to go beyond certain values! Toggle sidebar AtletIq.

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Support: support atletiq. Upright Barbell Row 6 minutes for reading views. Routines for Home and Gym.

This is a fitness revolution! Force type.

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Cardio Plyometrics Stretching Strength. Beginner Expert Intermediate. Shoulders look at the image.

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How to perform exercise Grasp a barbell with an overhand grip that is slightly less than shoulder width. The bar should be resting on the top of your thighs with your arms extended and a slight bend in your elbows.

Your back should also be straight. This will be your starting position.

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  • Now exhale and use the sides of your shoulders to lift the bar, raising your elbows up and to the side. Keep the bar close to your body as you raise it. Continue to lift the bar until it nearly touches your chin.

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  • Tip: Your elbows should drive the motion, and should always be higher than your forearms. Remember to keep your torso stationary and pause for a second at the top of the movement. Lower the bar back down slowly to the starting position. Inhale as you perform this portion of the movement. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions. Photos of the correct technique Male Female.

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    Weight and number of repetitions The number of repetitions and working weight depends on your goal and other parameters. You do not want to count by hand? Install the AtletIQ application! Online workout diary Remembers your working weight Counts the load for you Controls the rest time.

    Mass Gain.

    Fat Burning. The possibility of replacement is determined on the basis of the muscle groups involved. Rating: 5. Search exercise.

    Mechanics type Compound. Exercise type.

    Seated Cable Rows

    Force type Other. Level Beginner. Targeted muscles: Hamstrings.

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    Lower Back. Middle Back. Equipment Body Only. Smith Machine.

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    Power Rack. Exercise Ball. Back: an explosive 4-day split.

    How to perform exercise

    Basic two-day program. Colonel Epaulets. Beginner Intermediate Expert.